Industrial Automation – List of Homes

In industrial, We have partnered with leading houses, all the organizations that work with us are the main actors of this world, we offer and sell the following brands:

ABB Carpenteria, electromechanical, UPS, Inverter, Engines

BAUMER Sensors, Encoder, Pressure, Transducers, supervision systems, quality check

Phoenix Contact
PHOENIX CONTACT Terminals, Relay interfaces and static, Power, Signal Converters.


PENTAIR HOFFMAN Cases, Paintings, Channel, Try cable, Specialists in prodottu UL and EX

ESA panels operators tense, Graphics operator panels, operator panels there, Panel PC industriali, PC industriali in box

SCHAFFNER Line filters to eliminate electromagnetic interference for EMC

Finder - Relay -
FINDER Relè dual in line. PCB relays. Power Relay. Clogs.

Eliwell - Termo Regolazione -
Well Termoregolatori analogici, Digital, the microprocessore. Viewers Panel. Timers. Regulators and pressure gauges.


FLIR thermal imaging cameras for surveys industrili, thermography and predictive diagnostics




WIELAND Terminals, Relay interfaces and static, Power, Signal Converters, Remote I/O.

DEHN Lightning Protection, Surge, Protective equipment, arresters class 1 and 2, arresters for photovoltaic

GEFRAN Sensors, Temperature Controllers, plc, Drives

MD Micro Detector (SUNNY) Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, Photoelectric Sensors. Photoelectric Sensors Special Function, Safety devices for industrial automation.

Pressacavi - Lugs - Ties - Marking systems
CEMBRE glands – Lugs – Ties – Marking systems.

Omega - Fusibili -
OMEGA Fuses, Fuse Holders, Taken

Panasonic - electric works -
PANASONIC relay, Timers, Contaimpulsi, Finecorsa, Microswitches, Vision Systems, PLC, Inverter and operator panels.
pfannemberg - Conditioning -
PFANNENBERG Conditioners. Heat Exchangers. Filterfans. Heaters.




REER Safety barriers and measuring.

Sneak - Remote i/o -
SCHLEICHER Safety relay, CNC systems & PLC, Bus di campo (Remote I/O), mini PLC.
SKB - Drums -
SKB Batterie Ermetiche Pb-NI-MH/ NI-CD/ Litio.
Stulz - fans -
COSMOTEC STULZ conditioners. Heat Exchangers. Filterfans. Heaters.
Wimex - fusibili -
WIMEX Lamps. fusibili. potafusibili. cassette, Cabinets.


I marchi, logos, names of companies mentioned in this presentation remains the property of their respective owners and are protected by law relating to trade marks, intellectual property and / or copyright. In addition, not all companies included in some cases we have exclusive material is retrieved from official dealers

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