Baumer Sensor Solutions

SmartReflect light barrier

  • Reliable like a light barrier, straighforward like a diffuse sensor
  • Machine parts as reference for reflection
  • Independent of material
  • No additional reflector required
  • Several configurations for the ideal solution

Distance Measuring Sensors

The largest portfolio of precision sensors for distance measurement Photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic sensors and magnetic rotary encoders; extremely compact, precise and without the need for supplemental amplifiers More information

Miniaturized sensors

The smallest industry-compatible inductive, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors in versions for measuring and switching

Rugged sensors for extreme demands

Highly reliable sensors in plastic or metal housings, and equipped with up to IP 69K protection. Photoelectric and inductive versions are also available in stainless steel for employment in the food industry.

All-encompassing portfolio

A variety of housing designs; digital and analog outputs; plastic and metal housings; connection methods in line with market demands; a standardized, intelligent operating concept; the latest interface standards; clever mounting accessories


Baumer Motion Control

At Baumer you will find everything you need to put your task in the field of measured value acquisition in rotary motion systems into practice – from encoders featuring the appropriate data acquisition method and data output to systems for combined measuring operations. Our product portfolio comprises both standard components and customer-specific modifications or configurations. We are with you right from the consulting stage to sustaining technical support!

Encoders with SSI interface – an excellent choice

Absolute encoders with SSI interface are utilized in many fields of application. The position value is transmitted bit by bit in a serial manner by the SSI interface straight from the encoder.


Encoders with integrated bus interface

Absolute encoders by Baumer are available with all common interfaces. For a most compact design the interface is integrated in the encoder itself.


Encoders with modular bus covers

Many absolute encoders by Baumer are available in a modular concept where the bus cover accommodating the required fieldbus interface is simply docked to the basic encoder.


Stainless steel and explosion-proof encoder confugurations

Baumer provides a wide a range of explosion-proof encoders and analog tachogenerators – for example with zone 22 approval or in pressure-proof encapsulated designs in line with ATEX 95.


Encoders with parallel interface – the well-proven concept

Absolute encoders with parallel interface transmit the respective angular position to the evaluation electronics as data word in a unique code.

Absolute encoders with bus interface

  • Most compact design with only ø30 mm
  • Common fieldbus interfaces
  • Singleturn and multiturn configurations
  • Optical and magnetic sensing
  • Solid, hollow or end shaft
  • High immunity against shock and vibrations
  • Extremely high temerature stability
  • Status indicator
  • Zero point and offset programmable
  • Direction of rotation programmable
  • Wide selection of accessories



High performance meets compact design: Baumer encoders with integrated fieldbus interface are a class of its own –though miniature in design, they meet the most demanding requirements and convince by performance, features and easy operation.

Pioneering also in this field, for many years now Baumer has been offering absolute encoders featuring all common fieldbus interfaces. Baumer has acquired profound expert know-how and is active in the respective user organisations. The most common fieldbus interfaces are Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Interbus and EtherCAT as well as customer-specific protocols based on RS485 like SLIN or CANopenLIFT. Baumer also offers configurations combining two different bus interfaces in the same device as a two-in-one solution.


Incremental encoders

Incremental and sine encoders are the vital link between periphery equipment and control in mechanical motion feedback systems. Encoders convert rotary motion into incremental or sine signals for electronic evaluation to enable motor speed feedback and position monitoring.

The Baumer product range covers micro-sized configurations (MICRO series) up to large hollow shaft diameters. Innovative sensing methods and mechanical designs ensure precise measuring results and versatile solutions – from motor feedback systems to HeavyDuty configurations, from standard to customized products.

Benefits of the Baumer incremental encoders:

  • encoders with incremental signal output
  • encoders with sine signal output
  • shaft and hollow shaft encoders
  • high resolutions, max. 1.000 000 ppr
  • programmable incremental encoders
  • encoders in stainless steel housings or with ATEX-approved explosion preotection
  • excellent radial runout, ultra-resitant against shock and vibrations
  • utmost reliability even in harsh environments
  • wide temperature range, protection standards up to IP69K
  • varied sizes of configurations for individual applications
  • versatile accessories for easy mouting

Baumer Process Instrumentation

In the Product Segment Process Instrumentation Baumer unites the extensive knowledge and expertise of leading names in the field of process instrumentation:


Since 2007 the former Bourdon-Haenni Group operates as Baumer in the market.

Within our product segment Process Instrumentation you can find a broad range of electronic and mechanical products and services:

  • Electronic and mechanical Pressure Instruments
  • Electronic and mechanical Temperature Instruments
  • Level Instruments
  • Force and strain sensors
  • Conductivity Measurement


Baumer has a wide experience in electronic as well as mechanical pressure measuring instruments.

As the inventor of the Bourdon Tube-Principle Baumer Process Instrumentation (formerly Bourdon-Haenni) is a proven expert in the field of high-end manometers.


The broad product range contains first-class solutions (MEX5/MEX3) for demanding environmental conditions as in the petro-chemistry or in salt-water applications. In addition, we develop special solutions like for example for military and civil aeronautics or ship building. Many EPC-Contractors value Baumer as a competent partner for process instruments for the construction of refineries, power plants or water treatment plants.

With our electronic pressure transmitters we are in the unique situation to master four different pressure technologies. This allows us to offer the ideal solution for almost all applications.

  • Metal thin-film
  • Piezo-resistive silicon
  • Capacitive ceramic
  • Ceramic thick film

Our offering ranges from specific solutions for market segments such as food & beverage, oil drilling, water treatment or water treatment to cost-benefit optimized OEM-products. The modular concept allows us to react quickly to customer specific requests.
Pressure measurement

  • Different communication possibilities (analogue signals, bus systems, displays, relays)
  • Comprehensive choice of proven measurement technologies
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Pressure range up to 1600 bar
  • A wide range of process connections, chemical seals as well as other accessories
  • Various certificates (ATEX, 3A, Lloyd´s etc.)
  • Programmable with FlexProgrammer (FDT/DTM based)
  • Different housing concepts (field housing, cylindrical design, submersible design etc.)

Force and strain sensors

We offer the ideal solution for the force and strain measurement in the machine and plant construction (e.g. tie bar measurement, surface strain measurement, clamping and general force measurement, cavity pressure measurement)


Force measurement

  • Measurement of static and dynamic forces
  • Strain gauge or piezo technology
  • High precision force measurement
  • High overload protection
  • Top quality signal processing


Strain measurement

  • Static and dynamic strain measurement
  • Strain gauge or piezo technology
  • Top quality signal processing


Our product range consists of electronic as well as mechanical temperature measuring instruments.


Our electronic temperature measurement range is build up as a building block concept. The CombiTemp system comprises a series of basic elements which can be combined into various temperature sensors and transmitters. The system includes a wide range of standard and hygienic process connections. Having a building block system, we are able to react flexibly to your specific requirements.

Mechanical thermometers are still a good solution for the local indication near to process. They work reliably even if there is no power on the system and allow to check the state of the process. Depending on the specific application requirements we offer Bi-metal or gas filled thermometers in different housings.

In addition, we offer digital and mechanical temperature switches. These instruments are designed to maintain a constant temperature around a chosen present value, or actuate an alarm or safety circuit when the temperature being monitored reaches a critical level. Our highly reliable temperature switches are especially suited for critical applications in power plants or in the process industry.

Temperature measurement

  • Comprehensive choice of proven measurement technologies
  • Programmable transmitters and set points
  • Wide range of cable sensors, process and electrical connections as well as accessories
  • Complete product series available in stainless steel
  • Process temperature from -200 to +1820 °C
  • Different communication possibilities (analogue signals, bus systems, displays, relays)
  • Programmable with FlexProgrammer (FTD/DTM based)
  • Various certificates (ATEX, 3A, Lloyd’s etc.)
  • Different housing concepts (field housing, cylindrical design, DIN rail modules, etc.)


Level Measurement

In level measurement we distinguish between continuous measurement and limit detection. The requirements to the measuring solution for solid material are different to solutions for liquids. In addition, it is important whether the measurement is with or without contact with the media.


Besides the geometric conditions there are other influencing factors such as foam, turbulences and other chemical-physical circumstances. In addition, there are requirements regarding mounting, cleaning as well a precision and costs. The main task is to chose the right technology for the specific need. Thanks to our broad technology competence we are able to offer you the right solution for your application.

We also offer you the possibility to detect the leakage of liquids in a secure and reliable way. The integrated circuit of the sensor provides failsafe action in case of a cable break or sensor failure.

  • Conductivity based
  • Hydrostatic
  • Ultrasonic
  • Capacitive
  • Photoelectric

Level measurement

  • Various measurement technologies
  • For liquid or solid solutions
  • With or without contact with the media
  • 3A – Sanitary standard
  • Programmable with FlexProgrammer (FTD/DTM)

Process analysis

We provide the ideal solution for media separation (e.g. beer/water, CIP- dissolutions) or media mixing.


If conductivity in liquids has to be measured like in the food and beverage industry or in the water treatment or enrichment of cleaning agents, the temperature compensated Baumer conductivity sensor guarantees reliable measurement values.

14 switchable conductivity ranges compensated with 7 temperature ranges enables an accurate, qualitative control of the process. In the device both values will be displayed by a protected glass window. Each measured value has an isolated analogue signal output of 4…20 mA available. Four preset measuring ranges can be chosen by an external controller, for example, depending on the recipe specification.


Conductivity transmitter

  • Wetted materials: stainless steel, PEEK
  • Four configurable measuring ranges (0.5…1000 mS/cm) selectable
  • Insensitive to polarization, adhesion and solids
  • LC-Display and galvanic isolated current outputs for conductivity and temperature

Baumer Vision Technologies

Identifying, inspecting, measuring, recording – automated image processing is becoming more and more important in industrial production. Baumer is today one of the pioneers and leading companies in the field of industrial image processing, both for high quality image capturing components and complete systems for quality control.

Digital cameras for automated image processing

  • Versatility of interfaces
  • Innovative technologies
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Standard matrix cameras
  • High speed cameras
  • Compact housing design

Based on state-of-the-art CCD and CMOS technology, Baumer offers a wide product range of digital cameras specially designed for demanding image processing applications. The portfolio includes industrial matrix cameras, in color and monochrome, with resolutions from VGA up to 8 megapixel. Modern interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink and FireWire guarantee a wide range of applications.

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