Cables for drag chains
1 chain HELUKABEL® delivers fl exible control cables with different insulations and outer jacket materials, screened and unscreened with an optimum of price-earning ratio. Control cables can be used in machinery production and production lines as direct line or connection cable for measuring, signal and control features, for computer systems, for control devices of tool making machines, conveyor belts and conveyor systems.


Water resistant Cables
2 Water For constant use in water for general use, waste water and drinking water*, up to a depth of immersion of 500 m to connect electrical operating materials such as submersible motor pumps, for medium mechanical stresses.


Control cables
3 control Since generations people try to build machines and plants which shall take on different functions. To raise,sink, slide, drill, transport and much more. And people attained fantastic results.

Today, we control, inform, weld, pack and transport automaticly by electric control and data cables.

These cables are necessary to ensure a frictionless fl ow of data and material. We are able to offer most of these cables: for many applications. On the following pages we present cables for the corresponding applications.

If you cant fi nd a suitable cable in our catalogue, we fabricate this special cable on request already from 100 m (see special cables on page Q) or may be we can offer you a similar cable from our stock.


Data and computer cables
4 data Due to the increasing data transfer between machines and equipment the higher standards in data and computer applications are necessary.
Besides standard processes the requirement of precise data transfer must be the fi rst and foremost.
Depending on the requirement, the HELUKABEL® customer can choose the data or computer cable from an extensive stock, where almost all cable constructions are ex stock.

If solid, fl exible or high fl exible constructions, with corresponding screening if necessary, this all depends of the required application. Our technical advisers are ready to inform you.

We can also manufacture cables according to your specifi c requirements with a minimum order quantity. For special enquiries please fi ll-in our attached enquiry form.


Single cores
5 single Single conductors are necessary for efficient use in switch cabinets wiring or cable assemblies. If PVC, Silicone, Fluorinated polymeric or Rubber insulated, with plain or tinned copper conductors, HELUKABEL® has an extended stock with nearly all popular colour combinations.

We produce special colour combinations upon request. For all two or three coloured combinations please take our program for vehicle cables.

The dispatching is effected in cardboard boxes, coils, non-returnable reels or in cardboard barrels. Several sizes of reels or barrels are available.


Heat-resistant and compensating cables
6 heat High or low temperatures, heat and cold infl uences, permanent temperature changes demand cable types with special core and sheath insulation depending on the different applications.

HELUKABEL® supply these indispensable special cables which are used in power stations, iron works, steelworks and rolling mill, in foundries, cement, glass and ceramic factories. They are also used in aircraft construction and shipbuilding, in brickworks, kitchen appliances, measuring and heat appliances as well as in many other areas.

Depending on their individual temperature limits these cables are splitted in different resistant classes which cover temperature ranges from -190°C to +1200°C.

The different insulant classes into which these cables are splitted, is effected as per VDE 0530 part 1 in the classes Y, A, E, B, F, H, C.


Coaxial cables

7 coax Coaxial cables are used in all areas of the high frequency transmission technology, for example in medicine, military or in communication sectors. Because of the wide spectrum of coaxial and video or TV cables, which HELUKABEL® has on stock, the most requirements are covered. Naturally we also offer special constructions for you.HELUKABEL® supply RG-coaxial cables or RG-multi coaxial cables according to the american military standard MIL-C-17.The coaxial cables for satellite receivers and TV aerials as well as video cables are designed according to the respective specifi ed standards.


Flat cables
8 flat Flat cables in PVC and neoprene design are used as trailing cables for cranes, open fi eld conveyors and shelve service devices.
Flat cables offer the following advantages:
  • Extremely small bending radius
  • High flexibility
  • Minimum waste of space
  • Packeting possibility

An expert and proper installation is important to ensure a perfect functioning. Please follow the corresponding fi tting instructions.
Flat cables according to UL-standard are available on request.
Ribbon cables are ideal for use because of the excellent fl exibility as connecting cable in electronics and in control engineering.