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Phoenix Contact New Trio Update

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Phoenix Contact updates TRIO power supplies with push-in connections, allowing fast and easy installation.The TRIO power supplies range from 72 to 480 W, with variations for single- and three-phase applications. Features include diagnostic contact, input surge protector, and up to 150 percent dynamic power boost output.

The TRIO power supplies pair with Phoenix Contact’s CBM circuit breakers, which feature up to eight programmable circuit breakers in 41 mm of space. Like the TRIO power supplies, the CBM uses push-in terminals for easy installation. The TRIO and CBM “Power Pair” offers up to 20 A, protection for up to eight channels, a five-year warranty, and compatible functionality.

Earlier versions of the TRIO power supplies will still be available for those who prefer the original screw-connection technology.

ChiavePhoenix Contact New Trio Update

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